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​A lovely letter received from our missionary partner in Zambia, Jenny Featherstone in response to all who have contributed to the Zambia Appeal

Thank you so much for the £900 sent a couple of weeks ago. Please forgive the long wait in replying, but we couldn't get everything in Mansa and it took a bit of organising. Bridget did really well though. The money amounted to over K 20,000 and I spent k15,000 on PPE for Mansa clinic and the rest went towards Nathan's dialysis treatment which is still ongoing although the doctors are going to try and wean him off next month.

We bought suits and boots for all nursing staff / clinicians and most of the rest be went on gloves ñ95 masks, visits and various sanitisers and disinfectants.

I am including a few photos which Bridget took and also some of the receipts.

Thank you so much for all the effort at your end, and many thanks to everyone who contributed. They have had 6 covid patients so far and one recent death. This may not seem much but it is the tip of the iceberg, as the majority of fatalities are ' brought in dead', who are only tested post mortem. So be it assured your efforts will help so much.

Every blessing


​Zambia Appeal

Covid-19 is impacting every country on the planet. Here in the developed world we are blessed that our medical and clinical staff have the equipment they need to protect them when treating infected patients. Unfortunately this is not the case in the poorer, less developed parts of the world.

If you have not already done so please give prayerful consideration to making a donation to help With Jenny's work in in Zambia.

The easiest method of donating is by bank transfer using the following details

  • Sort Code:  80-16-84

  • Account Number:  10207261

  • Please use the reference ZAMBIA

If you are a UK tax payer please consider completing a Gift Aid declaration.  Please download this form and sign it, then scan and e-mail to torbain.church@gmail.com