During the current emergency we are unable to worship together in Church on a Sunday morning. Thanks to modern technology our service is being live-streamed on Facebook and will then be available on our You Tube channel.  The Church is wherever God's people are gathered - physically or electronically!


Even during these troubling times the Church will still have all of the usual bills to pay.  Our income will be significantly reduced as we will have no rent from our halls or from our various groups.  It is vital therefore that we continue to receive weekly offerings. The following guidance should help.



If you already give by Standing Order there is no action you need to take.



If you usually put an envelope in the plate there are two things you could do

  • Instead of using your envelope it would be great if you could give by bank transfer. This is really easy if you have internet banking. The details you need to use are

    • Sort Code:  80-16-84

    • Account Number:  10207261

    • Reference:  The number from your envelope

We will make sure your offering is recorded and you can return to using your envelopes once the emergency is over


  • If you are unable to set up a bank transfer please fill your envelope as usual put them in the plate once this emergency is over


If you usually put a cash offering in the plate it would be great if you make a bank payment of the amount. This is simple and the details you need are

  • Sort Code:  80-16-84

  • Account Number:  10207261

  • Reference:  Your name

If you wish your donation to be anonymous you should leave the reference blank


If you pay UK tax, don't forget we can claim Gift Aid on all of your giving.  If you have not completed a Gift Aid form please download this form and return it by email to torbain.church@gmail.com.